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We know times are tough what with the economy and most companies charging more to compensate for their losses , However we have the customers happiness in mind and have devised this scheme that will save you the customer more money as well as getting top quality work at amazing low prices ! 


Labour Saver :

Ok so you may have seen we offer 10% off to all new customers , well we have gone 100% better yes that is right 100% basically the way this works is for every 5 jobs you recommend or have done yourselves we will offer you a further 10% off on quotations until you reach 100% then we will give you £500 of free labour or off £500 off your quotation plus a further 20% 

Money Maker ! 

If the offer above did not tickle your taste buds try this one on for size  ! for every recommended by you job that is accepted we will give you £10 in cash ! every little penny counts